Public Engagement

A public engagement effort will be conducted as a part of the planning effort. It includes traditional public open houses as well as online outreach to reach as many community members as possible. The following approaches are defined in our process:

Advisory Committee: The advisory committee is formed of local community members and community organizations. The Advisory Committee will meet six times and will provide input on the project and key issuesand will review and comment on key milestone deliverables, including the Existing Conditions Report, Issues and Opportunities Analysis, Future Growth Scenarios and Transportation Alternatives Analysis, and the Draft San Andreas State Route 49 Commercial Gateway Corridor Study.
Stakeholder Outreach:  Stakeholders, including residents, property owners, local businesses, and service providers in the project area, will be identified.  Stakeholders will be invited to attend public meetings, workshops, and hearings related to the project.  Meetings and/or focus group meetings will be held with key stakeholders to help identify the study area opportunities and challenges.  .
Public Workshops: Three meetings will take place at different stages of the process to obtain input from residents, businesses, and key stakeholders.  The public will be invited to identify key concerns and issues and provide feedback concerning proposed project alternatives.

Design Process and Deliverables

Existing Conditions and Issues and Alternatives Report:  The project team will prepare a report documenting existing conditions in the study area.  An Issues and Opportunities Report will identify key concerns and opportunities to address identified issues.  The Issues and Opportunities Report will be based primarily on the project team's review of the study area and input provided by community members and stakeholders.
Alternatives Analysis: The design team will develop and refine design concepts, including growth scenarios for the study area and transportation solutions, with the input of the Advisory Committee, stakeholders, community, and project team.  The Alternatives are intended toalign with the goals and objectives identified through the public engagement process. In addition, the Alternatives will becoordinated with Caltrans, the City, and CCOG to assure the recommended plans align with local and regional objectives and can be implemented.
San Andreas State Route 49 Commercial Gateway Study Corridor:  The Draft Study Corridor Report will identify a Preferred Corridor Plan based on the input received throughout the process.  Alternatives will also be identified.  The Draft Study Corridor Report will identify improvements and implementation measures to achieve the vision for the Study Corridor.
Board of Supervisors and CCOG Consideration:  The project team will present the San Andreas State Route 49 Commercial Gateway Study Corridor Report to the Board of Supervisors and CCOG for consideration and approval.

The Project Team and Process Chart (PDF) provides an overview of the key project steps and stages.  The project team has completed Draft San Andreas SR 49 Commercial Gateway & Corridor Study, which is now available for public review and comment.  The Draft Report can be found here